Do I need spark plugs? on 2004 Hyundai Tiburon

When I'm driving down the road/highway/freeway my Tiburon will give a slight jerk back when I begin to push the gas pedal. This will happen slightly when I am driving and turn the AC on.

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What is the maint. history and miles of car?What speed (MPH) is most common for symptom and is it just a single 'slight jerk back' or is it more of a rapid rumble that goes away as quick as it starts? ALSO manual or auto.?
roughly 55K miles.. around 50-60 MPH is when I will get a single slight jerk.. It is a manual.. I recently took the car to Midas and they did a free maint check, didn't find anything wrong with the engine.
Next check...If you have cruise control , when your in conditions that will allow it , try setting it at 55MPH and see if you get any difference.....If so , see if you can tell if it happens more under a 'load' condition like going up an incline rather than maintaining on level road? In other words ...can you duplicate the symptom easily , or is it pretty much a guess as to when it'll act up?
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Does your car start and run okay? When in park, does it rev up okay? Chances are if these are ok, it wont be your plugs. Is your check engine light on? It's never a bad thing to go see your neighborhood auto repair shop and ask for a free quote. Goodluck
She stars fine and shuts off fine, no problem when in park and revving the engine. Check engine light is off, never had it come on since i've owned the car. Thanks for replying
It could be the sparks but and it could be your alternator anyway your problem is electr. For some reason you lose power when you turn on the air conditon while you driving