do I need a stater of replace battery on 2000 Toyota Solara

I have had some acid build up on my battery now my car does that click when I start it and it doesn't start for a couple tries Do you think it is the starter or the battery

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To clean the battery terminals an old tooth brush and a solution of hot water and baking soda works great. Make sure you put a basin under the car to catch the solution, and wash away corrosion. The battery has probably been replaced some time in the last past. If with clean and secure battery terminal connections the car still just goes "click" the starter solenoid contacts have probably pitted and become burned, we rebuild a lot of these starters usually replacing the plunger and contacts fixes what ails the starter.
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Try cleaning the battery cables first, That click is usually and dirty battery terminal or cable, If that solves the starting problem then it is the battery