2002 BMW 745Li Q&A

2002 BMW 745Li Question: Do I need a new transmission?

In the morning the car will not go in drive or reverse, until warned up. Sometimes at red lights, will not go. I have to turn the engine off and restart. I have read that other owners have had similar proplems. Please help, Thanks -
Answer 1
how many miles and have you ever serviced it. -
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No, mileage is 96,000 -
Answer 2
Servicing the transmission may be the first and cheapest place to start. In servicing the transmission the condition of the oil will be checked, the oil can be checked for debris, the filter and magnets at the bottom of the oil pan can be inspected, and on a test drive afterward the shifting of the transmission can be checked to see if the transmission may have further mechanical or electrical problems. Those transmissions are bothersome and the fluid is not cheap. It's good insurance to change the oil/service the transmission every 30,000 miles. -
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i agree service first but use bmw fluids NOTHING ELSE. -