Do I need a new Solenoid? on 2000 Honda Civic

This just started today. I have 144k mi. and when I get to my location I put the car in park and turn the ignition so that the engine is off. The "P" is lit on the dash, but yet can't pull out key. I tried the old turn the steering wheel trick, but the steering wheel isn't locked. I noticed that when I turned the car back on to put it back into drive, I can't pull the shift back to "D". It's stuck. Somehow, eventually, pushing the release a couple of times (hearing it click the whole time) and yanking real hard on the shift I am able to put it into drive and reset it into park and get the key out.

I just tried to recreate the issue, but was unsuccessful.

Do I need a new Solenoid?

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Check your brake light switch. If it is not working it wont allow the shifter to moved from park
it also would not go 'into' park originally to allow removal of key. possible debris down in the shifter area preventing complete physicalmovement into park even though electrically ("P" liton dash) it was .If you haven't been able to duplicate it since then ,I think some grit or food particle or something small of that nature was the cause of your problem.Sometimes it's the goofy stuff!