DO I NEED A NEW FUEL PUMP? on 1997 Oldsmobile LSS

My car is loosing all power when driving after about 5-10 minutes. It acts like it isn't getting gas when I'm stepping on the accelerator. When I come to a stop it boggs out and dies. after it sits for a long while it'll start right back up again and we start over with the same thing. every time. I have changed out the fuel filter, the spark plugs and wires and all 3 ignition coils. What the hell is the problem. Oh and my fuel pump is making a whinning noise when the key is in the on position. Is the fuel pump the problem?

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I would verify fuel pressure and volume prior to condemning the fuel pump as being bad. They way I find a problem like this is to "tee- in" a fuel pressure gauge and tape it to the windscreen of the car, drive the car and see if the fuel pressure drops as the problem occurs. If it is a fuel pump delivery problem the fuel trim values should indicate this using a professional grade tool you would see Long Term Fuel Trim figures would be adding fuel.
Before jumping to any conclusions the problem needs to be properly diagnosed.
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could be. you need to have the pressure checked at a shop to verify. if you do, have the cat converter checked for blockage.

A plugged catalytic convert sounds most likely. The noise from the pump is typical. I would recommend a back pressure test on the catalyst. And a pressure checked the fuel system