Do i need a new fuel line? or tank? what steps do i make first of finding out? on 1995 Mercedes-Benz S420

I have a bad fuel leak going on from the rear passenger side of my 95's420 mercedes . I suppose its my fuel line. you can clearly see the leak while the car is running and in park. about a quarter tank is leaked out when i start the car in the mornings and the smell blows through the heater. when going up hills after start up theres a knoking sound on the rear passenger side, it could be hand in hand with the problem.I just need to know specifically if its the fuel line or a new tank needs to be replaced?

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In order to tell what needs to be replaced on your 1995 Mercedes-Benz S420 the fuel leak will need to be inspected. I would recommend you have you car towed to your local repair shop, it is not safe to drive a vehicle with a fuel leak. The shop can then put your car in the air a look to see where the leak is coming from. If the source of the leak cannot be seen the fuel tank may need to be removed to properly diagnose the cause for your leak.