1991 Toyota Corolla Q&A

1991 Toyota Corolla Question: Do I need a battery, fuses, or alternator?

Car will not start. The dashboard lights come on for the seatbelts, battery, oil, and engine when I try to turn the car on. Also there are three fuses on my positive cable on the battery and I was wondering could that be causing any problem? -
Answer 1
Try jumping the car if it jump starts you will need a battery, If that didn't work it could need a new starter relay or starter solenoid. -
Answer 2
I am Pedro Talavera owner of CMT of MIami. The problem needs to be aproached with a system as any other problem. First get the car runing, then you can chek the alternator. If the battery is about 3 years or more old, better change it. www.1mobilerepair.com http://www.mechanicratingz.com/ShowRatings.jsp?tid=363 -
Answer 3
i just got a new battery 2 weeks ago and just 3 days ago which was Monday Dec. 28,2009 i came outside to start up the car and i heard 3 clicks and then it started up and when i park the car and turned it off the next day i came out to start it and all i seen was the dashboard lights came on for the seatbelts,battery,oil. but i was wondering if the three fuses on my postive cable on the battery was the problem -