do I have to replace the whole fule pump to replace the filter sock? on 1991 BMW 318i

My fule filter was blocked so I replaced it.
The car still did not start so I pulled out the fule pump and tested it and it ran but the sock was bad.

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If you give me the last seven digits of the VIN# I can check in the parts catalog if the sock available separately, I can give you the part# also if available.

T'hanks Zee for the help.
My vin on my 91 318i is... WBAAF9313MEET3587

Thanks again
I really need only the last 7 digits. The one you gave me is incorrect - that's the message I got when enter it into the OE BMW catalogue. Could you recheck it please?

sorry about that.
Try this...... EE73587
Unfortunately it comes as an assembly, the sock filter is not available separately.

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if the filter is new I'd change out the pump and the sock, so that way you save yourself costly repairs down the line best to do these as a one shot fix