Do I have to purchase a new window when 'white clip' is broken? on 2004 GMC Canyon

There is a white clip looking thing that appears to be attached to window (at the bottom left rear) and a silver looking track that the window sits in...question. Do I if the white clip is broken have to buy a whole new window? Or is there somewhere I can order that part from? Repair place wants me to pay over $530 to replace regulator/ w motor $242 and also found $200 window with clip intact used +labor. I feel like because I am a woman I am getting ripped off!!!!

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Take it to an auto glass shop for an estimate! Regulator with motor is ALL you need!! This assembly simply bolts to the window glass, no need to replace the glass. It's about a $$250.00 - $300.00 dollar job parts and labor!! That is what I could do it for and make money at it but here in Va i guess we work to cheap!! There in Potwin Ks, where ever the hell that is, it must be higher!!!