1996 Volvo 960 Q&A

1996 Volvo 960 Question: do I have as blown head gasket?

just bought this car 2 days ago...running beautifly...I start to climb a gradual incline towards the mountains where i live...the temp gage starts to move a little right of center(and typically at least for the past 24 hours..it stays in the middle of the gage)and this is the second time i have driven up this road...the first time no changes in the temp gage...anyway it starts moving closer to the red zone and pegs itself in a matter of about 25 seconds..i pull over nad car shuts off..I look under hood and see bottom radiator hose spewing antifreeze... i replace hose..refil radiator.car wont start..i was told hat maybe the spark blugs had gotton wet..so i removed and replaced with new plugs...car starts after a few tries...very ruff idol..alot of white smoke coming from exhoust...car starts to drop idol..then dies after about 2 min.. i check oil stick..milky color??? -
Answer 1
These are the sign of blown head gasket. Since the cylinderhead needs to be removed you should replace timing set; water pump and thermostat. -
Answer 2
yes, you have a head issue but I would like to know what caused it first. you could have a clogged radiator. Roy -
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the radiator is brand new actually...how ever i am not sure about the thermostat...cause i cant remember ever hearing the engine fan come on that is conected to the front of the radiator...and i think the thermostat is suppose to trigger the fan.... -
Comment 2
just make sure the cause is found before you pick it up or you will be back in the same situation. Roy -