2012 Volkswagen CC Q&A

2012 Volkswagen CC Question: Do anyone know why the epc light come on?

The epc light and the engine light is on. -
Answer 1
yes, i took it to the dealer and they determined a bad fuel pressure sensor/high pressure fuel pump/pcv valve bad. I am totally confused on the quantity of problems that will cost over 1k to fix. not happy -
Answer 2
2012 Vw cc 2.0 t Same issue. 2nd time in 4 months. First time "replaced" under warranty : second time had to "clear error codes" they said they "replaced "it how it save an error code? The high pressure fuel pump was replaced and there was a leak on the upper motor- that was all replaced. I feel it all started with a weak battery. Factory bat is warrantied for 2 years. New oem is warrantied for 5 years with a running core credit. Original battery NO CORE CREDIT. Tell them you will keep it and sure enough your new battery will drop by 40%. It's a parasitic electronic issue giving this car issues. -