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Honda Accord Distributors on High Mileage Vehicles May Leak Oil onto Heater Hose

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The distributors on higher mileage vehicles can leak oil onto the heater hose causing the hose to soften and break. Heater hose breakage will cause a coolant leak.

It appears that oil is leaking from somewhere near the distributer. This caused the heater hose to turn into a jello-like substance and break. It was so bad that I had to cut the hose to pieces to get it out. There is oil and gunk covering everything in the same area. The Vehicle Speed Sensor went and it too is covered in oil, so I'm wondering if this seeming leak could be the cause. I have been driving anyway without the speed sensor (I have an app on my phone to monitor my speed) and now there is a short going through that knocks out the fuse so my whole instrument panel, windows, clock, and reverse lights no longer work. -
Sorry I can't give u the mileage becuase the gage cluster has died. -
Oil leaking from distributor caused heater core hose to deteriorate and burst. -
Honda fixed hoses, had coolant leak, reving engine in idle when not giving gas while driving, fixed and then had head gasket crack -
catching hell replaceing all heater hoses -
oil leak at distributor. Replaced o-ring -
I have a 91 Honda Accord and recently it started leaking around the area of the transmission, radiator, and oil pan. The engine starts to smoke but temp gage stays half way between hot and cold. The smell is similar to pancake syrup that has been left on the stove too long. I do not know what the problem is and I'm hoping someone will know. I still have not fixed it or had the problem taken care of. I'm a single, unemployed mother of two and I do not have the money to pay a mechanic. -
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