Acura Integra Problem Report

Acura Integra Distributor Squeal Can Sould Like Loose Belt

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A loud squealing noise on high mileage cars can be confused with a loose fan belt. The distributor should be inspected because it can seize, which can cause the timing belt to slip resulting in serious engine damage.

Also kind of sounds like a chain saw. It has happened twice. Distributor rotor very loud. Will have the shop replace it again. Car wouldn't start & shop replaced old corroded distributor & coil. Engine light has come on twice, but gone away. Occasionally car dies for an instant while moving from stop (jerks like you popped the clutch), then continues on fine. -
Squealing sound from the passenger side of the car, I marked the distributor on any of the rotating parts before removing it. After removal I spun it by hand and it was hard to turn and felt rough. I replaced the whole unit with a new complete set including the distributor cap. -
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