Distributor replacement and ignition timing help. on 2000 Honda Civic

My distributor recently failed on my 2000 Honda Civic Ex. Rather than having a mechanic fix it, I opted to do it myself so save some cash. I would greatly appreciate anyone who could send me a proper walk through on replacing the distributor and how to correctly set the timing. Thank you to whomever may help!

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Your Honda is actually a pretty easy vehicle on which to replace the Distributor. Firstly, I would mark the spot where the current Distributor rests by using a scribe to mark where the bolt holes match the housing. Then unplug and remove the old distributor. Be careful with the Ignition Wires. Then install the new Distributor, being careful to line up the the little 1/2 moon like camshaft connector. The distributor will only go in 1 way ( a nice feature ) so there are no Distributor gear teeth to worry about. Then re-connect all the wires and use a timing light to check the timing. There is a mark on your Crankshaft pulley with 2 red lines on either side of a timing mark. Most Honda Civics time at 16 degrees before top dead center. It is best to jumper the SCS ( Service Check Connector ) but really most Honda Civics don't really advance the timing that much at idle. Be sure your car is warmed up before you check the Timing with the Timing Light.Good Luck!