Distributor replacement on 2000 Honda Civic

We were told by AAA service personnel that the replacement of distributor would be $700. Is this reasonable. We purchased a rebuilt distributor ourselves for $144.00.

by in Greenville, SC on April 08, 2009
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ANSWER by on April 08, 2009
The distributor itself is quite easy to replace on the Honda Civic and luckily enough it is right on top of the engine and can basically only go in one way. Remove the distributor cap on the new distributor, lubricate the rubber o ring on the lower distributor body where the distributor mounts into the cylinder head. Slide the new distibutor in where the old distributor was . Turn the ignition rotor a little so the dog drive/ driven gear engages the end of the camshaft and the distributor should seat fully int othe cylinder head with out any force. Tighten the 12 mm bolts that secure the distributor and reconnect the electrical connection. Locate the distributor in approximately the same position as the previous distributor was and the engine will start. You will then need a timing light to set the ignition timing. Did the previous distributor fail electrically? Did the distributor seal fail or bearing fail?
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