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1992 Honda Accord Question: distributor leaking oil

distributor leaking oil -
Answer 1
Not uncommon; there is an o-ring that leaks oil. It will need replaced. Click this link for some shops near you who can help: http://repairpal.com/directory?address=63601&car_brand_names=Honda Good luck and Happy Thanksgiving! -
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The distributors on higher mileage vehicles can leak oil onto the heater hose causing the hose to soften and break. Heater hose breakage will cause a coolant leak.
I have a 90 Accord LX 5 speed, 2.2 motor. It has 300,xxxmiles and recently it started spraying...
No apparent leaks, no apparent smoke. Has had this for two years. 230K miles. Do I need a valve job? If so, what's a fair price? Thank you.
Marked distributor to head, it went in fine, starts right up and idle is fine but when I took it out for test drive it only goes 30 mph, no more power, what could cause that ?.
looks like coming from under distributor cap