Distributor issue on 1999 GMC Yukon

I got myself into a real pickle here...
99 GMC Yukon xlt V8 Vortec 350 Gas 4wd

re-attaching distributor cap after replacing sensor. Must be original DISTRIBUTOR. The screw holds where the cap meets the distributor broke off. WTF? Yes the distributor cap is actually being held on by Duct tape. This is not good at all. There has to be a solution to this. Anyone have an idea on how to re-attach the Distributor Cap to Distributor? Both seem to be in good working order otherwise.

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There is no way to secure the cap without buying a new one ($80 to $100) but maybe a couple of long wire ties installed over the top and then under the distributor and pulled tight
5 minute epoxy might work
That is exactly what I was afraid of. Going to try a little Epoxy in the meantime... TY for fast response. R