disappearing oil on 2000 Honda Accord

my 2000 honda accord is noe burning oil according to mechanic. Oil changes have been don in April, July and August of 2010. Each time the oil sick is clear. There are no oil leaks from the vehicle.

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It's either burning or leaking out. Try topping up the oil, driving it and checking the oil level every 100 miles, see if it's dropping.
Then once you've verified it is dropping, take it to another mechanic, because the oil is going somewhere.
have been adding oil and checking once a week. took to honda dealer and they do not have an answer. honda dealer THINKS it may be the thermostat housing and wants to replace it.
I have also been having this problem and have taken it to several mechanics. No one can figure out where the oil is going. My car has 192,000 miles.