2001 Mazda Tribute Q&A

2001 Mazda Tribute Question: dinging noise

This just started. when i crank it, it starts doing this dinging it's never did before and while youre driving it, it does it for a few and then stops and then does it again. what could this be? -
Answer 1
If you mean the door chime, then I would first check your door switches. -
Comment 1
it's a different dinging sound than the door chime. -
Answer 2
I have the same problem. It is a beep that beeps for 5 time for 5 cycles and left unattended will get more frequent and do it every 35 miles. Eventually it will stop and then start up in a month or two (voice of exerience here!) Anyway, it is an alarm that has to do with the airbags. Mazda needs to put it on a diagnostic tester to find out which one needs work. -
Answer 3
My 2002 does the same thing. Intermitantly a bell chimes for about a min or two, then goes off for a half hour and comes back on, etc... My mechaninc said it is a faulty "put on your seat belt" warning bell. I was just going to have it disconnected but he said to do that you have to get into the dashboard, which is expensive, so I just turn up the radio until it goes off! -
Answer 4
Check the dash lights for burned out bulb. -