Digital Climate Control shows inaccurate outside temperature. on 2002 GMC Envoy

The digital climate control has been displaying the wrong outside temperature. Today the outside temp was 85 degrees. The display showed 21 degrees. This disables the air conditioning. After driving 5-10 miles, the displayed temperature will start to go up thus allowing the air conditioner to work.

Asked by for the 2002 GMC Envoy
Sounds like the sensor may be bad, causing the incorrect reading. The way these are checked is with an ohm meter, and you will need the specification from GMC. You check the resistance of the sensor, and at a certain temperature it should have a specific resistance. As with any problem like this, visually inspect the sensor and wiring first.
Sensor is located in the front of the radiator, not so difficult to get to and there about 15$ to buy. I had this problem and replaced it, it worked fine.

Something else for you, the temp sensor reset is as follows;
Press front back and mode together and wait for the tempreture to level.

Hope this helps.