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1993 Jeep Wrangler Question: differential

I have a 93 Jeep wrangler that has a Dana 44, 4:10 ratio. While driving one day the spider gears in the differential broke. I opened the dif and cleaned out all the metal I tried to rotate the case but it only rotates half way and stops. I double checked for metal shavings or chunks but could not find any; the pinion and the ring are locking. I think that the adjustment is lost; nobody’s ever touched the rear end outside of general maintenance. I can’t find what is holding it but if I loosen the bolts on the left it spins freely. This is my primary vehicle; I need to fix this myself because I don’t have the money to pay someone else, please help. I know that the Jeep Cherokee 87-91 came with a Dana 44 and other makes like the Isuzu Rodeo. My question is if they have the same ratio 4:10 and the shaft is the same diameter can I take the case with the pinion from a donor vehicle and transplant it to my jeep? I don’t have a welding machine to do the work required to swap out a rear end. I have been at the junk yards and it has been difficult to find wranglers. Please let me know if the transplant is possible and if there are any other vehicles with the same diff that I can use as donors. -
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This is such a specific question, you may have a hard time finding an answer here. I recommend digging up one of the Jeep enthusiast forums. The guys and gals on those forums have done all manner of retrofits on older Jeeps and may have some advice for you. -
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