1990 Dodge Ramcharger Q&A

1990 Dodge Ramcharger Question: Dies for no reason, especially in the rain, and starts back up after about 5 minutes

I have a Ramcharger, 1990, that will die running down the road, just die, then will not start back up for at least 5 minutes... does it worse when it rains... also, when first started up, will run ok, but after it gets warmed up it starts running "rough", shaking and not wanting to go, also pick-up when accelerating is bad after it warms up... Thanks for helping... -
Answer 1
Possibly your distributor pickup plate is defective for the stalling condition. Also check your distributor cap. I suggest using a MOPAR cap which is vented. In your climate, humidity is a factor. Moisture buildup in the distributor cap will contribute to a rough running engine, stalling etc. Also check the distributor shaft end play. Do this by grasping the rotor and rotating it side to side. If it moves more that 3/16ths of an inch, your distributor drive gear is worn and the gear and bushing would have to be replaced. -
Answer 2
Look at TSB's for the truck, Im pretty sure there is one about that and it tells you what to replace. -