Dies at complete stops on 1996 Acura TL

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I have a 1996 Acura TL 2.5 when I come to a complete stop the car dies. It restarts but dies at every stop. Can someone please help!!!!!
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This sounds like there's an issue with the idle system. Could be due to a vacuum leak, idle motor issue, throttle position sensor or another issue with the fuel injection system. You'll want to have an experienced mechanic look at this to determine exactly what is wrong.
Thank you. I am in distress with this car. We have changed the fuel pump, fuel filter, the ignition switch and everything we can think of and nothing seems to help!!!! Thanks again..
Unfortunately distress is often the result when the problem is not diagnosed before replacing parts. Pay a shop to diagnose the problem, then you can replace the part if you want to save some money, but this approach is very expensive.