1997 BMW 528i Q&A

1997 BMW 528i Question: did transmission fail?

I was driving went to push accelerator pedal car wouldnt go. no matter what gear its in it wont go . i put it in park and the car keeps rolling -
Answer 1
Sounds like the universal joint or propeller shaft coupling failed. -
Answer 2
First thing to check is if the gear selector cable is connected to the transmission and is functioning correctly, especially if you cannot engage park. If this is okay you will then need to check to see if an axle has popped out of the rear differential or if the rubber drive shaft connector (guibo) has failed. If the problem still hasn't been found your assumptions may be true but can only be realized by having your local BMW repair facility diagnose this issue further. -
Answer 3
There's a recall on the transmission selector. Usually they fail when driving through the rain. The problem is that one of the hardened metal connectors for the linkage wasn't hardened correctly and is susceptible to early wear failure. Symptoms are failure when driving through rain, not staying in the gear you selected. -
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