did the A/C come with Freon-12 or R-134A? on 1994 Ford Ranger

did the A/C come with Freon-12 or R-134A?

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I am not sure but if it came with r12 you will have to change to 134a
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Agree with goodguy if it aint been switched over already, not a big job just need a retro. kit. Came with R12, 1996 before Ford, GM and Chry. 'HAD' to change per EPA but some Chyr. Vehicles did it in 1994. Only reason I know had to take the cert. test to be able to purchase the R12 back then. What a rip off, cost 70.00 at that time, few years later think it was free and online! Somebody made some $! Now if for 'some' reason, i guess i can still purchase R12. What a deal.
Maybe there is still a label somewhere under the hood with A/C specs? Or check the fittings on the lines If they are thread-on they are R-12 , if it's quick-connect type , then it's R-134.