1992 Subaru Loyale Q&A

1992 Subaru Loyale Question: Did my car jump timing?

I was driving in traffic, and when I started to pass, I was in the wrong gear so I shifted quickly to have power to pass..moments later, my car lost power and did a backfiring noise, then died. When I tried to restart it, I kept getting the backfiring noise, and of course the car will not start. Can someone provide a clue as to what may have happened? The car was recently tuned - new plugs, rotor, wires, fuel filter. Thanks in advance -
Answer 1
Possibly as your Subaru came with a timing belt and if it hasn't been changed it could have jumped a couple of teeth, You can see the cost of timing belt replacement here www.repairpal.com/estimator and locate a shop near you here www.repairpal.com/directory -