did I say it is a 4x4? on 1994 Dodge Dakota

can I drop the oil pan in the truck to do the rods & main bearings & oil pump with out removing the motor? is there a way to do that? did I say it is a 4x4? I looked under the truck, it looks realy tight. so can it be done?

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Disconnect battery ground cable, then remove oil dipstick.
Raise and support vehicle, then drain engine oil.
Remove front drive axle, exhaust crossover and transmission lower cover.
Remove oil pan and gasket.
Reverse procedure to install. Apply in corner of cap and block. Tighten attaching bolts to specifications

The simple answer is yes but very involved. Why are you doing this??

I pull a 20ft cargo trailer.motor has 196000 did the timing chain,all breaks,tires,e-caples no fixed income can't afford a newer truck all so did trans. truck runs like a dream get 22mpg with it don't want to throw a rod when pulling a hill going to Maine.
good for you. preventive maintenance. good luck