Did I Pay too much? on 2007 Lincoln Mark LT

I have 73765 miles on my truck. Had the following done;
-changed 8 spark plugs Later 442.95 Parts, : 145.52 total 588.47
-installed new A Pully and V-belt, Parts = 134.55 and Labor = $148.95, total 283.50.
-replace fuel filter, parts: 23.24, labor 48.95 total= 72.19
- Injector service/EEC, injector flush , parts = 43.95, labor = 102.00, total = 145.95
Total repair bill $1177.12. Thank you.

Asked by for the 2007 Lincoln Mark LT
According to the repairpal estimator the price charged for the spark plugs is OK but the labor cost is high. Fuel filter parts price is OK and labor is a bit low. I do not know exactly what pulley was replaced along with the v-belt, the price could OK. The price for the injector service also looks to be OK. Over all I would say the price you were charged for these services on your 2007 Lincoln Mark LT were a little above what can be expected but not very much so.