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Diagnostic Electronic Auto Repair
October 19, 2014

The Diagnostic Electronic Auto Repair. The Gentleman that runs the shop he calls him self Dr. Mike He drinks a lot on the job. You take your car to fix ball joint he changes brakes rooters and other things to make money. Then you leave the shop with the same problem you went in with. He does not have skilled mechanics the guys that work there takes forever to get out the damage parts. And Mike charges for the extra or unnecessary time taken by the non mechanic helpers. Once I was there a customer returned his vehicle because Mike used old parts on the vehicle. Mike lies a lot. Mike Misdiagnosed the problem with my car. After he charges me $180- for sensor from off the market the light is still on my car. I went to another mechanic who fixed my problem for half the price. Mike is the most unreliable and drunken mechanic in the whole of NEW YORK.
Please be aware when you need your car to be fixed DO NOT DON NOT GO TO Diagnostic Electronic Auto Repair. Mike is messed up the Auto Repair shop is registered under his brother's name. Mike owes the whole world that is why he closed his shop and is working under his brother's name. He HAS PROBLEM WITH IRS AND HIS CREDIT RECORDS IS DAMAGED VERY DISHONEST MAN. JUST VISIT THE SHOP LOCATION AND YOU WILL OBSERVE WHAT I EXPRESSED ABOVE. DO NOT WALK ON THE SIDEWALK BECAUSE HE HAS CARS THAT TAKEN OVER THE WHOLE SIDEWALK. WITH ALL SORT OF FUMES IN THE AIR. PLEASE AS A COMMUNITY MEMBER REPORT HIM TO AUTHORITY ABOUT SIDEWALK. DO NOT forget BETTER BUSINESS OR CONSUMER REPORT. WE DO NOT need HIS KIND OF PRACTICE IN OUR COMMUNITY. I would not recommend him to my worst enemy.
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