2005 Suzuki Forenza Q&A

2005 Suzuki Forenza Question: diagnostic codes po721 po722

transmission output speed sensor codes auto trans. where is sensor? car bucks,jerks when you try to accelerate.speedo doe not work properly -
Answer 1
The sensor is on the transmission it is a pulse generating sensor that increases frequency of signal the faster you drive, the sensor has two wires on it a dark blue/black and a yellow /white wire. There are procedures for testing its resistance and its frequency at various speeds. Should be easy to replace if found to be faulty. If faulty cruise control and speedometer have probably stopped working as well. -
Comment 1
i cleared the codes and the car worked fine for 10 minutes.it then began doing it again.it feels like it disengages and reengages with a bang. i am familiar with speed sensors,i build transmissions for semis . i will test it tomorrow the speedo is erratic and drops when it bangs. thank you for your help. -
Answer 2
hi codes po722 tiptronic fault transmission crach where is the output circuit -