Design problem- Mice and small rodents can get in the heater box to stop air flo on 2007 Nissan Versa

Dealership says they have this problem frequently. It could be fixed by putting hardware cloth (wire) under the heater box. I had the heater replaced by the dealer but my regular mechanic said that they should have put a screen over the hole that the mice get in.
Since I live in the country, I will probably not buy another Nisson product. I had the same problem with my 87 Sentra.

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Get a cat,and mabey dont feed it to much,cat can live on mice for a while.
Thank you for your reply. I keep DCon under the hood. Don't want to kill the cat. Also the cat would probably become either coyote food or fox food. I will try putting peppermint oil in the heater to repel mice.
Well at least it will smell nice,someone should come up with a product to keep these
pest out of vehciles.I've seen LOTS of damage to LOTS of different vehciles.Some
runing in the hundreds of $.If you find anything that workes let us know!
Maybe we will get rich.
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this can happen on any car i have a toyota and have seen cust with several mice issues. you can't stop the little guys
Thank you. I guess I will just have to live with it for a while and learn how to clean out the heater box by myself. I do keep D Con under the hood. I have less the 35000 miles on the car.