Delayed start / check engine light is on on 1997 Chevrolet Camaro

My '97 camaro z28 has a slow start. It takes several starts to get it to start. When it starts, it smells. (like it may be running lean)I had a new o2 installed because the code said the o2 sensor was the problem. The check engine light is still on. I am wondering if the slow start and check engine light has something to do with the fuel pump?

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It's possible the fuel pump is failing. You need a fuel system pressure test to see if the pump is working properly. The light being on is indicating that there's a fault detected by the computer which will have trouble codes and data stored. These codes and data are accessable with a scanner.
FYI, an O2 sensor code may mean that the sensor is reading out of range indicating a problem with fuel control, not necessarily that the sensor is bad. It could be telling the truth, which I suspect in your case. Get it checked by a GM specialist.
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