Whats a fair price for replacing front "struts"? on 2005 Nissan Altima

Due to a light fender-bender, I took my car to the shop for what I thought was an alignment issue, rotate tires, and oil change...The service agent told me I needed a front grill cover(?)to protect engine from debris, new front struts with bearrings, rotate tires, and oil change all totalling $1050. Does that price seem HIGH to you?

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Please see the RepairPal estimator for the cost to replace the front struts on your 2005 Nissian Altima - That estimate is for strut replacement only. You will need to add to that estimate strut bearings - parts cost only, 4wheel alignment, tire rotation, oil change, and replacement of the front grill cover(?) When all is taken into account the price may seem to be about right for a dealer. If your quote is from an independent shop it may be a bit high.
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here is a tip go to your nearest salvage yard and ask if they have the whole strut assembly for your vehicle.(usally they have each side for about eighty to a hundred dollars, so you would be looking at the most $200 for the parts. and then ask around at some area garages what they would charge to install them. an oil change with the good oil and new filter, the most $70 and tire rotation should only be about $40 dollars if i am right your only looking at about $510.00 to $650.00 not 1000.00 dollars. i would check a few other places.
the KYB struts are 80 each and about 200 labor for both, strut mounts and bearings are 80 for 2
i had the same situation struts only 1000.
Oil Change depends on the type of oil your car uses, synthetic oil is usually around $60 to while conventional oil is half that. I did my upper strut mounts myself, spent only $25 for the mounts, but it's a pita unless you know what your doing. Tire rotations are dirt cheap. Including an alignment job, youll look to spend under $250.. Csnt figure $1000!