Dead battery, jumped started. Now no electical gauges, speedometer, odometer et on 2006 BMW X3

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No lights, or a/c. Fans are opertational. No blinkers, headlights or running light. Electric windows and power door locks are functioning properly. All else normal running car. Can you give me a diagnosis and possible fix.
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Owners manual and check all fuses first. Without having the circuit diagrams and descriptions, and the car here , it's pretty hard to give an absolute diagnosis.Just suggestions. It sounds like , even if for very briefly , when the car was jumped it popped some fuse(s).
All Fuses were checked. As it turns out, and this may be helpful to others. I had checked the EML computer module under the hood and it, too, check out okay. However, this is also a communication device located within the instrument cluster, which I did not know. Remove the two screws and remove/unplug the instrument cluster from the dash. Then simply plug it back in. Tah-dah! It reset itself after plugging it back in! Of course, then every other gauge had to be reset using a computer lap top program at my local mechanic's garage. But for a brief moment I thought I was going to have to replace the entire instrument cluster at a tune of $1,500, but instead ended up a a $50 charge for resetting the system! Whew....