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1998 Ford Taurus Question: dead battery

yes i have a 98 ford taurus the battery light came on a weef ago. then it died put a new altanater in it charged the battery it ran for 5 minits. then it shut off and died . so went and got a new battery and it done th same thing. took alternater back got a nother new one still the same thing shuts off and battery dies.. please help me... -
Answer 1
Through all of this, is the battery light still on in your 1998 Ford Taurus? If the battery light continues to stay on after all you have done then chances are the alternator is not getting its correct input signal to begin charging. If this is the case, proper diagnoses of the charging system may be required in order to find the cause. If you cannot do this your self please use the following link to find a repair shop near you - http://repairpal.com/directory?address=31329&car_brand_names=Ford. -
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