2007 Nissan Armada Q&A

2007 Nissan Armada Question: Dead Battery

My battery has died 3 times recently and starts when jumped, but then won't start again after shut off. What could be draining the battery? -
Answer 1
It may be that your battery is dead and won't hold a charge. A new battery may fix the problem, but your Armada is so new, I would imagine it's still under warranty, which would cover this problem with the battery. Best things to do is to get it diagnosed and fixed. If there's a draw on the system, you'll need a good technician to figure it out--with luck, under warranty! -
Answer 2
If your alternator is not charging, your battery will eventually die, Have a repair shop put a meter on the alternator to see if its charging. -
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had battery checked twice and it is good. once the car is jumped and restarts it runs fine.