DCS - Dashboard Lights on 2006 Buick LaCrosse

Early in the morning, after sunrise, and again in the evening, before sunset, the dashlights,odometer lights, radio lights will not come on if you are driving west in the morning, with the sun behind the car and vice-versa in the evening. Once the sun is higher in the sky the lights work. Have taken it to two dealers and called the BUICK 'help line'. They all say there is nothing that can be done it is just a 'flaw'. BUICK gave me a year's worth of oil changes to 'go away'. Thanks for your help.

by in Mesa, AZ on April 11, 2009
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ANSWER by , October 20, 2009
As same problem 2006 la crosse cxs !!! Dealer changed a cluster. nothing help. but i feel its wrong! we have to complain.
COMMENT by , October 25, 2010
I have the same problem with my 2006 cxl. It would seem that if they can build them they should be able to fix them.
ANSWER by , October 04, 2010
There are two service bulletins that may be in regards to this issue for the 2006 Allure/Lacrosse. They list a fix of having the BCM reprogrammed for one of them. Not sure if this will help but here they are: SERVICE BULLETIN:4493 NHTSA ITEM NUMBER:10021694 MFG Bulletin Date: // Component: DIGITAL INSTRUMENT PANEL Bulletin Summary: I/P IS DIFFICULT TO SEE AT DUSK OR DAWN. *KB Date added to datbase: 06/15/2007 MFG Bulletin Date: 04/01/2008 Component: ELECTRICAL SYSTEM: SOFTWARE Bulletin Summary: DIFFICULT TO READ DRIVER INFORMATION CENTER (DIC), RADIO AND HVAC CONTROL HEAD (REPROGRAM BCM). *NJ UPDATE 08/06/2008. *PE Date added to datbase: 05/20/2008
ANSWER by , September 16, 2009
Hello, Did Buick ever figure out what was happening with your car? Have they heard this complaint from other LaCrosse owners? Thanks!
ANSWER by , December 06, 2009
When I bought my 2005 Buick LaCrosse, one thing the salesperson said as he was going through the car's operation with me was that this was designed in on purpose, where if the sensor detected a certain situatiion, the system dimmed those lights to reduce glare. I take issue with that design, as to me those lights don't add any glare; but that's what I think is happening there. By the way, I think the Buick Lacrosse is a great car.
ANSWER by , July 14, 2010
I have an 05 LaCrosse and it works the same. The sensor that automatically turns on the headlights does so when it can no longer pick up the suns rays. When the headlights go on the dash lights dim to the night time level. This level is plenty bright at night but when the lights first turn on it is so dim that it appears they are not even lit.
ANSWER by , October 21, 2009
sorry I don't have an answer; but, we do have the same problem. took it to the dealer and they said they would fix it but it is just the same as it was. our 98 Regal GS also has a DIC with similar problem. if I should find out anything I will let you all know; and, if anyone hears more I would appreciate a response. Thanks...
ANSWER by , March 04, 2016
Our 2006 Lacrosse does the same thing. You can manually turn it to the bright setting by toggling the headlights on or off. The switch sits in the Automatic position, but you can rotate it left or right to turn the headlights on or off, and the dashboard display change with it. Be careful not to drive with the headlights off if you continue driving into the night.