Daytime Running Lights Won't Turn Off on 2002 Saturn L200

Lately, my daytime running lights stay on even after I've turned the vehicle off, which causes the battery to run down. The battery is fine; I can jump it without missing a beat. But the DRL once again remain on until the battery juices out. Will the car run fine if the DRL is disabled, does it need a new relay, what? And what price range am I looking at if I have to bring the vehicle in for repairs (local body shop or Saturn dealer)?

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i had the same problem you have to replace the light swith the blinker switch is all one piece its not hard to do yourself i paid someone to do it after words wished i would of there are 3 screws that hold it in
yes sounds like could be this.. are you sure it's daytime lights and not the brights. cause brights will be the switch.. i changed mine too
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I found a relay for your saturn AC Delco Headlamp Relay 15-50448 (daytime running lamp) and you can find a shop here any good repair shop should be able to handle this (not a body shop)
AC Delco is carried by all the local parts stores, so call and ask for a price and availability but I can't tell where its located on your vehicle
EDIT: I found the relays under the hood. I pulled it out and put it back, but, either way, the engine is not fully turning when I jump the vehicle. While the cables are attached, I can work the lights, radio, etc., but the engine won't fully crank.
I realize this is a month old, but I had the exact same problem on my 2000 Saturn SL. After searching the forums I determined what my problem was.... Basically the fuse for my driverside headlamp was burnt out, as well as a bad DRL relay. The relay for some reason didn't control the running lights but also kept causing the regular headlamp fuse to keep burning out. I checked to make sure that the wiring appeared to be in decent shape, then I went out and got a new relay. The relay was only $10 at Advanced Auto Parts, and two weeks later everything still works great.
Thanks, GetrDone! Is that a part that can only come from a Saturn dealer (my closest is an hour away), or would one of the repair shops within that link have it on hand closer to home? That's a great suggestion, regarding a repair shop vs. a body shop. I wouldn't have given much thought between them or realized there was a difference otherwise. For that matter, is it a simple enough job that I could change the part out myself, or would it definitely require bringing the car in to a shop?
your lever that turns your lights on has gone bad. just got mine replaced.
about 120 bucks