Daytime Running Lights and headlights dont work but highbeams do on 2002 Chevrolet Cavalier

I have a 2002 automatic transmission cavalier, my daytime running lamps and normal headlights stopped working. My high beams work fine. I have already replaced my DRL relay, and switch. The car otherwise works fine. The first thing to go was the daytime running lights, then last night in a heavy rainstorm there were no head lights when I started the car. But I had high beams. When I start the car, drl relay clicks, and then the service light turns on.

What is going on with this car?

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My daughter has the same car, and after several wrong suggestions, we changed the headlight bulb and the problem was fixed.
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Hard to say what is happening, it could be so many things related to electrical wiring, connectors and components. This is going to require an electrical circuit diagnosis by a qualified mechanic, so you should take it in to a shop.
check under your battery. The wiring harness runs under neath it and may have leaked acid onto the harness therefore the wires to your headlights are gone or broken by the acid. This has happened to me and I had to run new wires to the harness to get my lights working again.
I've had the same problem. I replaced the bulb and the low beam started working but the high beam still does not work.