daytime lights dont go out on 2005 Chevrolet Aveo

daytime [low beam] lights don't go out.Engine off,key in hand,lights are on. no warning buzzer sound.Must pull fuse's to park car?Hi beam ok, turn signal ok,parking break light in dash ok ,[day time light sign next to clock goes on and off when it wants to]

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replace drl module
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That will be the battery more than likely. Take your car to the dealership and have them check to see what could be wrong exactly with your car. Dayrunning lights are NOT supposed to go out until you turn your engine off of the car. They are meant to stay on the car at all times unless you are driving at night. The dayrunning lamp lights are a safety feature of the car. Most insurance companies will ask if you have them as a feature. If you do, then that is a good feature to have, because most older cars do not have that feature. It is a good feature to have so that you can let other cars know you are there.

Also, one other thing to check is that you have the DRL (day lights) turned to OFF position on the car. If they are turned to OFF position, then the lights will turn off when the engine is turned off. If you still see that they are still on, then there is something wrong in the electrical wiring in the car, and that will cost you into the thousands of dollars to get that replaced.