Data link connector not working. Scanner says tool not plugged up! on 2001 Chevrolet Tahoe

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I recently lost all forward gears on my 01 tahoe (2wd). I hooked up an OBDII scanner to it but it would only read it was not connected to the vehicle. I then tried with another scanner and got the same results. I checked all fuses in the dash and under the hood. There are no pins bent or missing from the DLC. So I am stumped, not sure what to try. Please help!!
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Try checking the power and ground terminals at the OBD connector. Connect a voltmeter between terminals #5 and #16 and you should have battery voltage. Search "GM OBDII connector pinout" and you will find pictures of the terminal locations.
where is the DLC on 95 P30, its seem I cant find it? thanks
The fuse on my 2004 Tahoe was blown for cig lighter and code reader. They use the same fuse. Check fuse!
well hopefully you alredy got it fixed i got the same issue and belive it or not ,sometimes when the cigarrette lighter fuse goes out the obd2 port wont work on the tahoes, 15amp blue. both of the answer above are absolutely correct!
samething with a 2000 ford explorer
Check your cigarette lighter fuse it has the power to your data link connector