dashboard removal and replacement on 1991 Toyota MR2

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My dashboard on my toyota MR2 has cracked really bad and I would like to take it out so that I can repair it, But I'm not sure how to remove it. Can you help? Thanks.
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I live the MR2 turbo, great car. I can see why you would want to preserve and restore it.
There are so many little details in removing a dash that you need illustrations so that you don't break fragile trim pieces and so you can locate the hardware that secures the dash.
Independent repair shops get their information usually from a company call Mitchell or Alldata.
Alldata allow do it yourself enthusiasts access to one make of car for a yearly subscription that is reasonable.
Often the parts manual that you buy at parts stores are a little too generic and the original factory manuals are quite expensive.
Alldata give you service bulletins, wiring diagrams, and repair procedures in digital format that are straight out of the factory workshop manual.
They have a few examples on their site check it out .