Dashboard lights, tail lights & parking lights on 98 honda accord arent working? on 1998 Honda Accord

I replaced the fuze that didnt fix it, I took it to a mechanic they charged me $400 for a new fuze box. Which fixed the problem for about 2 weeks now they are out again. Also the 2 dim headlights that do work are flickering like strobe lights. Anyone have any idea what could be wrong????

Mention the word 'multiplex' to them.Also check through scan tool , the alt command and output readings.
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If you have not already called the shop that replaced the fuse panel,.... you should. Tell them what you are experiencing now....most reputale folks would say..."bring it back so we can see whats going on." Like you said it was fixed for a few weeks....who knows they could have gotten a defective part...or they did not get a ground conection tight enough. Give them a chance to fix it.