Dashboard Lights out on 2002 Chrysler Town & Country

I just purchased a 2002 town and country and noticed that the dashboard lights were not working. Would this be an easy fix and how to do it? Thank you!

by in Austin, TX on January 10, 2010
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ANSWER by on January 10, 2010
If all the lights are not working, then this is not a bulb issue, it will be a switch or wiring problem. Double check that the dimmer switch is not turned down and no fuses are blown. Electrical issues can be easy or very difficult to address and the only was to find out is to diagnose the problem. Do the things I mentioned, but beyond that you'll need to have it looked at by a professional.
COMMENT by on May 30, 2011
there is body control module that controls all interior lights and dash controls. Also there are fuses and relays involved. You meet to have the system scanned. Auto zone will do it free if the engine check light glows. There are 3 computers engine,body and transmission modules and sometimes they work together. Need to have it scanned. Also try the key system diagnostic procedure Turn key on key off Key on key off then key on. After a few seconds the engine check light will start blinking a 2 digit code or on newer cars the electronic odometer will display the codes. If a code or codes are set look up the codes. Dealer should be able to tell you what the code means.
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