Dashboard Lights on 2001 Toyota Sequoia

Any idea why my parking brake and VSC dashboard lights stay on in the cold weather?

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The computer for the ABS computers gave problems on these gave a bit of problems. Any fault in the park brake system, or brake system will bring on the Vehicle Stability Control System light (VSC). But have the system checked out before jumping to conclusions or condemning the ECU.
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I had the same problem on my 2007 Sequoia to find that the brake fluid was low due to excessive wear in the rear brakes. I don't yet have a good answer why the rear brakes would be worn almost to the metal in less than 43K miles of highway driving.
Light bulbs probably need replacing. My 2001 Sequoia took 20+ but now all are working fine.
in my 2001 sequoia, after replacing bulbs and putting the instrument cluster back the car wont start, anyone know if there is a kill switch? if so where it may be?
Did you ever get any answers on this? I am having the same problem, have had it in twice and they cant find anything wrong. ???