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2005 GMC Yukon Denali Question: Dashboard light out

I have a 2005 Yukon Denali - the light behind the defrost button is out - how do I replace it. -
Answer 1
The buttons for the front and rear defrost on your Yukon are part of the climate control panel. Is the defroster in question working OK? If so, the light only is at fault and you will need to replace the complete climate control panel assembly - you cannot replace just the light bulb. If the defroster is not working the system will need to be repaired, then you may see the light working again. -
Comment 1
Thanks I think this car is on it's way out of our lives - I guess if the defrost is still working, I will just leave the light alone. Thanks for answering my question. Sounds expensive to replace the climate control panel. Sherry Ross -
Comment 2
Yes, you are correct - it can be expensive to replace the climate control panel. Depending on the mileage of your Denali, the control panel may still be covered under warranty. You may wish to check with your local dealer to find out. If the dealer tells you the part is not covered you could also call the customer service number for GMC. (That information should be in your owners manual.) Maybe they would help you out with the repair. -
Comment 3
I have about 63K miles - it's not under warranty anymore. I called the dealership near me to get a quote on fixing it. It sure seems that it could be fixed for a lot less than the $200.00 they quoted for the part. Nothing is so simple anymore. Thanks so much! You've been a great help. -
Answer 2
yes you can just replace the bulb.. I did ..go to radio shack and buy 12v- 50mA Bi-Pin lamp.. minor sodering .. -
Comment 1
would you mind emailing me instructions? my bulb is out. I've had my cluster done, I've yet to do the defroster bulb and the steering wheel volume control. any suggestions would be appreciated. bnelson @ bglmj.com thanks, brian -
Comment 2
could you also email me instructions to take apart the climate control cluster. I took it apart half way and can see the bulbs but can't get the computer board off. btran_0828@yahoo.com. Thanks. -
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