dashboard light on 2005 Saturn Vue

i was driving on the highway in the pouring rain and a light on my dash came on that was a yellow circle with an exclamation point in it. it kept going on and off. what does this light mean?

by in Cincinnati, OH on October 27, 2009
2 answers
ANSWER by on October 28, 2009
If you have an owners manual, you should look at that to be sure, but I think your referring to the tire pressure monitoring system light. Check all your tire pressures. Make sure the tires are cold (sitting at least 2-3 hours) and set the pressures in all the tires (spare tire too) to the correct pressures. The recommended tire inflation pressure is listed on the vehicle's tire placard. The tire placard is located on the driver's side front or rear door edge, center pillar, or the rear compartment lid.
ANSWER by on October 09, 2010
I have that light on, it means you have to fix your tire inflation pressure, you'll probaqbly be able to deo it yourself or take it to a service shop
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