Lexus SC400 Problem Report

Lexus SC400 Dashboard Gauges May Be Hard to See Due to LED Problems

(39 reports)

There are reports of LED problems in the dashboard gauges. The lights burn out, making the gauges difficult to see at night, and require replacement.

can not see speedometer or tachometer at night -
lights on tach and speedo needles have gaps in them. Haven't had repaired yet. -
Same problem as others... the needles on the tach and speedo no longer display. I found a solution at They replace the needles for $99 and the backlights for $30. You will have to remove the instrument cluster and ship it to them. Its not a big deal to remove the unit (toughest part is unplugging the connector wires). You can even get the backlighting and needles in different colors if desired (i replaced mine with the original colors... red needles and white backlighting). It takes about an hour to pull the cluster and, the car can still be driven if necessary (i have driven mine without the cluster for 10 days while the unit was being rebuilt). Its a relatively simple/inexpensive fix to a real aggrevating problem. -
The fuel gage led light ins out and the temperture gage led light is outalso. -
Left side of tach and spedo not lit -
Dash lights are getting dimer and hard to read. AC/Heater Defrost system just stop working completely. -
Gauge indicator needles burned out, making the speed, RPMs, gas and voltage hard to see at night -
dangerous! Also car shuts off intermittently when left turn signal is on. -
Me too how do I fix this -
can't see tac or speed -
indicator needles lights dimming on dash -
dash board lights that illuminate are flickering off and on -
Expense to replace, not replaced as yet -
the lights flicker -
replaced speedo tacometer lights -
fuel gauge pointer intermittent,off most of the time -
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