dashboard cracking. on 2008 Toyota Avalon

I just noticed a fine line crack appearing, starting over the glove compartment and extending over the hump heading for the instrument cluster. I've noticed several older models but not an '08. She has been garaged since we bought it brand new.
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Toyota is not going to contact you! You can contact Toyota and file a complaint. I have seen this posted here several times about Toyota cars and most every one has been from FL. garaged or not! Got to be in connection with the climate. However this problem should not exist! Google it for more input. If enough people complian, maybe Toyota will try to help, maybe.
My 2207 Avalon, purchased from dealers' showroom and garage kept at my home, while not in use, twice a week, yet it has a crack in dashboard, above glove compartment and extending full length of front dash and down the side of glove box leading to floor. In addition to this, steering wheel lock, no longer stays fastened, leading to steering wheel pushing forward suddenly, towards dash. Also, steering wheel tilt adjustment, no longer stays in place. Again, allowing steering wheel to move out of position. Very dangerous. It is something Toyota should be recalling and repairing at no cost to consumers! Scary and dangerous!