2007 Kia Rondo Q&A

2007 Kia Rondo Question: dashboard buttons and lights

I recently bought this vehicle and still waiting on KIA to send me a manual--my main question I guess I am having is what is the button that says ESC Off. I can't find anything online anywhere to tell me what this button is and what does it do. Thank you for helping me. -
Answer 1
ESC normally stand for "Electronic Stability Control", though I have to admit that I am not exactly an expert on Kias. Electronic Stability Control is the system that detects when your car starts to slide or spin-out, and either cuts power, modulates the braking, or both, to help prevent the slide. -
Answer 2
ESC keeps the vehicle stable in a slide. The button turns the ESC on or off. The only time that I would think that you would want to turn this feature off is if the vehicle is stuck. Turning the feature off would allow more traction to get the vehicle out. -
Answer 3
http://www.lemonauto.com/complaints/kia/kia_rondo.htm go to this site about kia -